Casting Crowns – Only Jesus Tour – Fall 2021



Runner (9am-1am) This is an extremely VITAL position. Runners are responsible for transporting speakers to/from various locations near the venue. At times, event personnel may also need help with picking up food, running errands, etc. We ask that the runner be flexible throughout the day. 15 passenger van or mini van preferred but not required. RUNNERS WILL RECEIVE $100 ONSITE FOR THEIR TIME!   Merch Load-In (Shift: 10AM - 2PM) These volunteers will be responsible for loading in merchandise gear before the show. They should be comfortable being on their feet and with moderate lifting. All volunteers must wear masks. Age requirement 18+   Merchandise Volunteer (Shift: 5PM-End Of Show) As a Merchandise Volunteer your duties will include customer service/sales, counting inventory, handling cash/credit cards, and keeping merchandise organized. You will assist attendees with their purchases for the various merchandise items. Requirements are super easy: be friendly, outgoing, and comfortable counting & handling money as well as comfortable being on your feet for long periods of time. Merchandise volunteers should plan to stay at least an hour after the show ends to help take inventory and pack up the merchandise. All volunteers must wear masks. Age Requirement 16+   VIP Volunteer (4:30PM - End Of Show) These volunteers will assist with checking in VIP ticket holders and with distributing VIP goods. All volunteers must wear masks. AGE REQUIREMENT: 16+